Services & Pricing



Hemming Pants/Skirts/Dresses
Cropping T-Shirts
Fit Adjustment (make smaller)
Fit Adjustment (make larger)
Memory Bears/Blankets
Custom (standard)
$500 +
Custom (premium)
$1000 +
Custom (deluxe)
$2000 + 
Rush my order (standard)
Rush my order (premium)
Rush my order (deluxe)

***Please note that price estimates are subject to change at any time and are intended as approximate estimates only***

  • Standard

    1 fabric type, simple pattern, no hand-stitching

  • Premium

    2 fabric types, more complex pattern, has minimal embellishments

  • Deluxe

    2 or more fabric types, complex pattern, lots of embellishments and hand-stitching

  • Rush My Order

    if you need your order within 3 weeks or less