Choosing the Perfect Runway Models for Collection No. 1: Aesthetic and Strong Walks

Choosing the Perfect Runway Models for Collection No. 1: Aesthetic and Strong Walks

The Importance of Choosing the Right Runway Models

The success of a fashion show debut of oodelooo’s Collection No. 1 at the Made Institute 10th Anniversary Fashion Show on October 14th, 2023, heavily relied on the selection of the perfect runway models. These individuals were not just faces to showcase oodelooo's creations, but they also served as a bridge between the brand and the audience. The right runway models brought life and personality to the garments, enhancing the overall aesthetic and made the collection memorable.

A lot went into choosing runway models, it was crucial to consider their ability to embody the brand's vision and values. They were able to accurately represent the target audience and the intended message of the collection. Their physical appearance, personality, and professionalism all played a significant role in conveying oodelooo’s vision.

Qualities I Looked for When Selecting My Runway Models

Selecting the right runway models for this show was simple for oodelooo because I, as the owner of the business, have created a large network of dancers in my 35 years of dance experience. While height and body proportions are essential in this industry, other qualities were also taken into consideration. Confidence, poise, and the ability to connect with the audience were crucial traits that every runway model in this show possessed.

Furthermore, versatility was key. The runway models were able to adapt to the different styles and aesthetics in this collection, allowing oodelooo to showcase a wide range of designs. They were able to transform themselves into the characters that the garments required for the show, breathing life into oodelooo’s vision. 

The Role of Aesthetics in Selecting Runway Models

Aesthetics are at the core of fashion design, and the same applies to selecting runway models. The models chosen complemented the designs oodelooo was showcasing, enhancing the overall visual impact. It is important to note that beauty comes in various forms, and diversity should be celebrated. oodelooo’s runway models represented a wide range of ethnicities, body types, and ages to reflect the diversity of the audience and society as a whole. Embracing the different aesthetics in Collection No. 1 not only promoted inclusivity, but it also allowed the audience to connect with the brand on a deeper level.

The Significance of a Strong Walk in Runway Modeling

A strong walk is a fundamental skill for every runway model, and that’s exactly what brought the collection together. It was the way they showcased Collection No.1, adding movement and grace to oodelooo’s designs. The strong, confident walk captivated the audience's attention, leaving a lasting impression of the collection.

A model's walk should be confident, fluid, and well-paced. They should know how to maintain their balance and posture while effortlessly gliding down the runway. The walk should complement the garments, highlighting their unique features and allowing the audience to appreciate the intricate details.

How Conducting Runway Model Auditions Helped oodelooo

Conducting auditions was an integral part of the selection process. When organizing the auditions at Made Institute, it was important to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where models were able to feel comfortable showcasing their skills. We clearly communicated our expectations and provided detailed information about the collection and the runway show.

During the auditions, the main focus was observing the models' walk, poise, and ability to take direction. We took note of their confidence, versatility, and ability to connect with the audience. We had a wide-ranging panel of judges, including other designers, stylists, and industry professionals, who were able to provide different perspectives and expertise.

Tips For Training Runway Models to Have a Strong Walk

Training runway models to have a strong walk is a continuous process that requires patience and dedication. Here were some tips used to help the models improve their walk for the show: 

  • Posture and balance
  • Confidence
  • Pacing and rhythm
  • Garment awareness - Dancer stage presence 
  • Runway etiquette

The Impact of oodelooo’s Runway Models on the Success of the Fashion Show

My runway models played a pivotal role in the success of a fashion show. They were  the embodiment of oodelooo’s vision. They highly elevated Collection No.1, capturing the crowd's attention, which left an amazing impression.

Their strong walks during the show, combined with their ability to connect with the audience, created a powerful and emotional experience for me and the spectators. My hopes were that the audience would resonate with the models and feel a connection to the designs in order to remember oodelooo, and those hopes were exceeded!

Selecting the perfect runway models for Collection No. 1 involved careful consideration of various factors, including aesthetics, qualities, and the ability to create a strong walk. By finding the perfect models that embodied the oodelooo ‘dancer’ vision, I was able to elevate Collection No.1 and create a memorable experience for me and the audience. Through diverse representation and proper training, my runway models became the bridge between the brand and my target audience, making the fashion show a resounding success.

To view recap videos of oodelooo's Collection No. 1 and the runway models at the show, click here!


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